Minggu, 03 Maret 2013

Soal Ujian Praktik TIK SMP Raudlatul Jannah 2013

  1. Berdo’a terlebih dulu, semoga Allah SWT memberikan kemudahan dan kelancaran
  2. Download soal yang ada di http://sudjatiwidyatmoko.blogspot.com, cari / klik artikel yang berjudul Soal PRAKTEK TIK KLS IX, kemudian letakkan di folder PRAKTEK TIK KLS IX yang ada di drive F:, RENAME (caranya klik file yang baru Anda Download, lalu klik kanan, pilih RENAME) file yang Anda download tadi dengan formatNoPeserta#Nama#Kelas#internet, contoh: 10801992#sudjatiwidyatmoko#IX#internet.
  3. Soal terdiri dari 3 bagian, semua harus dikerjakan
  4. Download soal klik di sini
  5. Aspek – aspek yang dinilai :
-          Download soal dari internet (10)
-          Membuat naskah di MS Word (30)
-          Membuat naskah di MS Excel (40)
-          Mencari informasi di internet (20)

Kamis, 18 Maret 2010

Surabaya City Tour

Almost every evening I passed in front of the street Gubernur Suryo Surabaya. It's countless, maybe hundreds of times. And every time that way, I always took time to look at the state offices Grahadi magnificent.

I do not know why that evening I wanted to stop in front of the building. Just so happened there was a lot of people. Visible are also some government officials. I just knew it was there when lowering the flag of Indonesia. This event is usually called a parade surya is always held on the 17th of each month. 

The event began with the flag lowering. Participants of the ceremony consists of several elements of society. There are students, scouts or soldiers. While lowering the flag officers usually come from students and referred to the Paskibra, namely pasukan pengibar bendera. Members of this Paskibra from outstanding students in senior high schools around surabaya. And they are chosen very proud. 

Once the ceremony was followed by the attraction marcingband undertaken by various elements of society. This event took place exciting and most-awaited by the audience. Marcingband participants were trying to look best in front of an audience. Especially when majouret marchingband accompanied by his staff in action with a popular song. Marchingband group often plays his own songs with good arrangements ears hear. 

Not feel the time fly by. 
This evening parade is good for the young generation, especially to form a national feeling of the country. Unfortunately it was this event held what it is. If packaged properly then it could become an attractive tourist city. Can thus attract local and foreign tourists.

Rabu, 17 Maret 2010

The Longest Bridge in Southeast Asia

It looks sturdy bridge spanned the Madura Strait. Especially when the night began to come. The bridge was beautiful shine, because the lights cover the entire surface. The light was beautiful and then bounced off the surface of the sea.

The bridge was named Suramadu link between the Island of Java with Madura Island. Construction carried out during the seven years beginning in 2002 and completed in 2009 and spent a fee of 4.5 trillion rupiah. This the bridge is the longest in Southeast Asia is 5, 438 km.

Suramadu bridge is different from the other highway, because it provides a path for two-wheeled vehicles and four. To support this since the beginning of infrastructure construction has been prepared between vehicle lane two and four wheels.
Purpose of making this Suramadu bridge is to improve the smooth flow of traffic.That means saving time and transportation costs. Means also stimulates the growth of economic activity. While direct benefits to the construction of the bridge is Suramadu of revenue from ticket sales go to the highway
Not to mention the benefits arising from the impact of the Bridge Suramadu chain. This is the dynamics that arise indirectly as increased demand for goods and services. Next will stimulate increased economic activity, development of business in the agricultural sector, industry, trade, service to the Island of Madura. And of course, will improve housing and infrastructure needs. Finally besides increasing income and welfare of the community in general.

Madurese community still rests largely on the primary agricultural sector. Agricultural sector into sectors that look and become a mainstay for the largest income gains than other sectors. While other sectors are not less prospective seriously when developed with the mining, processing industry, electricity, gas, water, construction, trade, hotels, restaurants, transportation, postal, communications, finance, leasing, and services.   

Tourism sector are now beginning to grow around the bridge Suramadu well exploited by the government or private. One of which is marine tourism Suramadu bridge crossing by ferry from the port of Tanjung Perak Surabaya. Just with the relatively cheap cost, we can enjoy the beautiful sunset and the atmosphere Suramadu Bridge in the evening. It's the amazing sight.

Hopefully, this bridge is not only the icon of pride for the Indonesian people in general but more than that could improve the welfare of the community, especially Madura. And most important is this bridge kept well maintained so that the benefits can be felt up to our children in the future.

Selasa, 16 Maret 2010

There Was A Red Giant In My Home

When I got home from work yesterday, I was shocked. The road toward my house was suddenly jammed. The length was about three miles. Really crowded and crawling traffic. I had never found anything like this before. I was confused and busy finding out what was going on. I began to ask fellow motorists stuck in the traffic and I also called my family at home.

 Finally, after about fifteen minutes to find out, then I got the answer. Apparently there was an ogoh-ogoh parade conducted by Hindhus. And the plan was to bring this ogoh-ogoh to the Pura Segara, located at the naval complex in Kenjeran.

This giant statue was made of bamboo frame wrapped in paper and then painted red. It had the shape of a giant in the Hinduism story, completed with fangs, long nails, and long wavy hair to add the eerie appearance. While his eyes were bulging as if it had had to fall out. It only wore a square patterned sarong.

The height was four meters, weighing about five hundred pounds. During the journey, it was carried by about fifteen young men. Ogoh-ogoh was also accompanied by the typical musical instruments, namely Balinese Gamelan. To make it more lively, the head could be moved to the right and the left by one of them. Along the way, ogoh-ogoh attracted a lot of attention from the surrounding community.

There were little children crying in terror. They watched with a mixture of curiosity and fear. Some of the audience seemed to fall unconscious or possessed. They believed that the devil in the ogoh-ogoh rampage and attacked the audience for it felt annoyed. But most of them enjoyed the permormance of ogoh-ogoh. They also captured that rare event with their cameras or cell phone cameras.

The long march ended in front of Pura Segara around six in the evening. And the ogoh-ogoh were then burned as a symbol of effort to eliminate lust and anger before they underwent the ritual of fasting the next day. Only the participants of the ceremony that were Hindhu stayed at the yard of Pura Segara. While most of the audience had gone home. The traffic on the street was back to normal again.